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Kemper Corporation (formerly known as Unitrin, Inc.) is one of America’s major insurance providers. The group of companies specializes in home, auto, life and health insurance products for individuals, families and small businesses.

Unitrin, Inc. was founded in April 1990 when it was spun off from Henry Singleton’s conglomerate Teledyne. Singleton hoped that the spin-off of Unitrin would duplicate the successful results of the Argo Group, originally a worker’s compensation insurance provider, spun off in 1986. Argonaut’s original $20 per share stock appreciated 240 percent by 1990.

Singleton remained Chairman of Unitrin after it was spun off to shareholders at $31.25 per share, trading on NASDAQ. Unitrin divided its business into three major categories: life and health insurance; property and casualty insurance; and consumer finance, which covered a variety of services including automobile and industrial loans.

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